Foreign Language Training

Learning a Foreign language is a task best left to the professionals. Increasing vocabulary, honing grammar skills, learning to conjugate verbs and learning about culture is the main focus in Foreign Language training. In today’s global market learning a foreign language is as important as pursuing a profession.

English is the unofficial language in the world. French is a world language, spoken not just in metropolitan France but also in Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, Asia, and North America. Spanish is the second most-common language in the United States after English. Italy is one of the world's leading industrial democracies and the world's most musical language Italian is spoken in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, North and South America. German is either an official language or is spoken by a significant portion of the population in the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Romania, Namibia, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Arabic is one language which though not very widely spoken in the western world has a strong base in the oil producing countries of the world like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Iraq which play a very crucial role in world Economy.

Cosmos Multilingual a multilingual services institute which has its base in India, along with offering language and translation courses of the highest standard will help you to develop fluency in speaking, and to communicate well in social and professional situations. Our curriculum approaches pronunciation from three angles: phonetics, pronunciation techniques and learning strategies. Teachers of our esteemed organization in India have been trained on our up-to-date teaching methods that are committed to produce graduates with a high level of competence in all the main foreign languages & Asian Languages like Chinese, Japanese & Korean or the widely spoken Indian Languages like Tamil, Bengali, Urdu etc. be it spoken or written.

Cosmos Multilingual aims at offering students a vibrant and dynamic environment within which to gain a solid grounding not only in the written and spoken language varieties, but also in the fascinating culture, history and society of the speaking world. In addition, we are capable of inculcating skills in the students which are highly valued by graduate employers, such as the ability to think clearly and critically and to present ideas in a comprehensive manner. Also our training covers a variety of business communication situations, which include travel, commercial & profitable applications, trade negotiations, marketing, community environments, cross-cultural orientation and provides survival language skills to smoothly facilitate the relocation of workers/professionals overseas.

Online training is also one feature which we assist students spread all over the globe & professionals who have timing restraints. Professionals at Cosmos Multilingual help to consolidate and deepen your knowledge of both the language and the culture of the respective nationality. Studying any foreign language at Cosmos Multilingual provides you with a very broad set of skills and background in order to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields. (e.g. translation, business, media, etc.)

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