Cosmos Multilingual Voice Services:

Cosmos Multilingual a leading Foreign Language Consultancy in India provides Multilingual Voice over Services in over 150 languages in almost all European languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish; Asian Languages namely Chinese, Korean, Japanese; Indian Languages namely Bangla, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Cosmos Multilingual offers a wide range of voice-over services catering to the specific needs of the clients. For any type of recording projects our professional voiceovers offer the best sound quality and turn around. We have expert voice talents for commercials, E-Learning programs, documentaries and video games etc. in all the languages.

We At Cosmos Multilingual Cosmos Multilingual use the voices of all age groups according to the client’s need. Our Voice Talents are all very experienced; we have in-house sound recording studios and extensive post-production facilities, which guarantee fast and flexible delivery. Unless otherwise stated the completed work is delivered as per the deadline or before the deadline.

Types of Recordings Offered:

   Commercial Purposes

  • Film
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Animation
  • Station
  • IDs
  • Infomercials
  • Sweepers
  • Imaging
  • Promos
  • Trailers

   Commercial Purposes

  • Promotional Video
  • Training Programs
  • Sales Presentations
  • In-Flight Announcements
  • Award Show
  • Public Service
  • Messaging
  • Trade Show
  • Exhibits
  • Narration
  • Audio Books
  • Documentaries
  • Museum Kiosks

In-house Equipment Facility at Cosmos Multilingual includes:

  1. ISDN
  3. CD Overnight
  4. Phone Patch
  5. Ftp

Quality control

Our Quality control and Assurance processes along with ISO-9001:2000 certification ensure that professional and authentic quality services are delivered to every client. At Cosmos Multilingual we make sure that the translation fits the timing of the original programme. All our Translators are mother-tongue speakers who check pronunciation, ensure nothing is left out and provide creative direction. They act as link between voice, engineer and client, ensuring the best possible recording in the shortest possible time - thus reducing overall costs and quality.


At Cosmos Multilingual At Cosmos Multilingual we readily sign any standard non-disclosure agreements necessary for Confidentiality and Security.

    Language Translation