Cosmos Multilingual Subtitling and Captioning Services:

Cosmos Multilingual Services a leading Foreign Language Consultancy in India provides Subtitling and Captioning Services in over 150 languages. Cosmos Multilingual offers Subtitling and Captioning services in almost all European languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish; Asian and Indian Languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Audio-Visuals, Presentations, Documentaries & Films could become more meaningful with a local language subtitling. Subtitling simply adds text translation to video content. On the other hand Captioning is the addition of material in place of or in addition to voiceover tracks. Captions can be positioned onscreen to make it easier to identify who is speaking or where a particular sound is coming from. Web video can take advantage of XML subtitles to add the text content when required.

Cosmos Multilingual specializes in subtitling solutions in multiple languages that enable production companies to make their existing audio visual programs understandable for world wide audiences without changing the original release.

Process: We’ve designed and implemented a 5-step process to ensure the delivery of high quality captioning services.

Quality Control Inspection and Preparation

An original master videotape of the programming to be captioned is logged in to our production department and reviewed for: >

  • Completeness
  • Sequential Time Code
  • Audio Quality
  • Video Quality.
  • It is then digitized in one of our production servers.

Caption Production

All audio elements, including the dialogue, sound effects and other essential, non verbal features are accessed and carefully transcribed with the help of our caption editor. This text is then broken down into captions, positioned on the screen to indicate the speaker (with pop-on style captions) and timed to appear with the related audio and video of the program.

Initial Review

The caption editor performs an initial review, comparing the captioning against the original programming to check for accuracy and timing.

Final Review

A senior editor performs a final review of the captioned program and makes any necessary changes to the caption file. That file is then archived or used in Memory for future reformats or transcripts.


The final step is the integration of the caption data with the video portion of the program. This is done by a caption encoder, which uses the caption file to create a new captioned sub-master. We do our own encoding, on-site. However, if a client prefers to arrange their own encoding, we will deliver the caption file on a disk or by email.

Our Services:

We transcribe and translate many audio and video tape formats in a wide variety of media:

  1. Film
  2. Video
  3. DVD
  4. Television
  5. Commercials
  6. Corporate presentations
  7. In-flight videos
  8. CD-ROM

Quality control

We at Cosmos Multilingual also have the hardware to maintain your original signal quality: serial digital encoders, decks, and digital audio workstations to give you the best possible quality to tape, DVD or CD. Subtitling and Captioning can thus be used to quickly widen the potential audience of video material by adding textual information. We can also place your captions to DVD, or caption your .wav, .avi, Windows Media or Real Player files for use online or on a CD project. With most of these formats, the end user can still choose to have the captions on or off, as with tape. Our Quality control and Assurance processes along with ISO-9001:2000 certification ensure that professional and authentic quality services are delivered to every client.


At Cosmos Multilingual we readily sign any standard non-disclosure agreements necessary for confidentiality and security.

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