Cosmos Multilingual Interpretation Services:

Cosmos Multilingual Services a leading Foreign Language Consultancy in India provides Interpretation Services in over 150 languages. Cosmos Multilingual provides Interpretation Services in almost all European languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish; Asian and Indian Languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

Language and cultural barriers are encountered during a meeting or a conference or any other business sector which take the help of different languages. The role of trained, qualified and highly experienced interpreter is therefore increasing day by day. At Cosmos Multilingual we are highly experienced at providing a service which is exact, perceptive and discreet. Our team of interpreters has intellect & is able to convey the speakerís message with the right jargon, stress and precision.

Cosmos Multilingual Interpretation Services follows a certain process for the services they provide:

  1. The Project Manager advises on the ideal type of interpretation suitable for your event.
  2. He then selects the most appropriate team of interpreters, specialised in the subject/ theme that will be discussed.
  3. All the required information is organised so that the interpreters arrive well prepared and documented at the site of interpretation.
  4. We also provide the technical equipment and means required for good interpretation services.

Depending on the type of meeting or event, the number of people attending the meet and the location where it will be held, different types of interpreting services are offered:

Simultaneous Interpretation: The interpreters are enclosed in a booth with the appropriate sound system and they do the interpretation at the same time as the speaker is talking.

Consecutive Interpretation: The interpreter makes notes of what the speakers say, and when they finish or pause, relays the interpretation of what was said.

Whispered Interpretation: The interpreter stands beside one or two people and whispers the interpretation. This service is for conferences, presentations, etc.

Liaison Interpreting: The interpreter translates what each person says, phrase by phrase. This type of interpreting is mainly helpful for small business meetings and social gatherings.

Interpreting is mostly helpful & widely used during:

Conference interpreting: To serve businesses and governments at events such as conventions, sales meetings, training sessions, board and committee reunions, annual gatherings and press symposiums.

Escort interpreting: To clients during summits, dialogues, press seminars, ceremonial dinner, Multi-Lingual Conferences, Multi-Cultural Meets, and Trade Shows etc.

Court interpreting: Cosmos Multilingual provides simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for both the court room trials and the boardroom meetings.

Technical considerations during interpretation:

In most cases our interpreters are trained to work with Microphones, Soundproof booths & Headsets.

Cosmos Multilingual provides interpreting services for all kinds of business segments:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Engineering
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Retail & Wholesale
  5. Entertainment
  6. Hospitality & Catering
  7. Travel & tourism
  8. Finance and Banking

Quality control

Our Quality control and Assurance processes along with ISO-9001:2000 certification ensure that professional and authentic quality services are delivered to every client. We understand the need for quality services as interpretation is a real time activity and there can be no second chances here. Our services at Cosmos Multilingual are dependable, professional, adaptable and flexible.


At Cosmos Multilingual we readily sign any standard non-disclosure agreements necessary for confidentiality and security. Information interpreted at courtrooms, one-to-one meets with Ambassadors, during important international meetings and other such events are kept confidential even when the contracts are finished.

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